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Configure an article for pending orders

For the article you set the stock check method to Stringent (or economic), the order proposal to Never and Allocate pending orders to Pose question or Always automatically.

A pending order is an order or order line that will not yet be delivered but is on hold.

You can manually transfer an entire order to a pending order. You can also specify that an order line must be transferred to a pending order if the stock check detects a stock shortage. You configure this by setting the stock check for the article to Check for available stock (sales order and packing slip) (or if applicable to Check for economic stock (sales order)).

Profit does not include pending orders when packing slips are generated automatically. That is why there is a risk that you forget about the pending orders once there is sufficient stock.

You can manually deliver pending orders (blanket order), or have stock allocated automatically using the Order planning function (in case of temporary stock shortages).


Pending orders are not allocated automatically in the sales line; you have to use the Order planning function for that.

To configure an article for pending orders:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Article.
  2. Open the properties of the article.
  3. Go to the tab: Stock.

  4. Select Check for available stock (sales order and packing slip) for Stock check.
  5. Select Automatic allocation of purchase orders to pending orders or Allocate manually for Allocate pending orders.

    In Profit, no stock profile is supplied for these settings. If you use these settings frequently, you can set up your own stock profile.

  6. Click on: OK.
  7. You can only allocate pending orders automatically using the Order planning function. Using that function, you can also allocate a purchase order to a pending order manually.

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