Configure pending orders

Configuring pending orders consists of setting up the stock check and the allocation to pending orders at the article level. In addition, you adjust the entry layout.



For an article in an order that is set to pending order, no packing slip is printed. You can use a pending order, for example, as a blanker order or as a temporary hold on an article with insufficient stock. You can manually deliver pending orders (blanket order) or have the orders allocated automatically using the Order planning function.

A pending order is not the same as a backorder. In case of a backorder, the sales line is partially set to Pending order quantity, but a reservation is passed on to Purchase.


  • Set up an article

    For the article you set the stock check method to Stringent (or economic), the order proposal to Never and Allocate pending orders to Pose question or Always automatically.

  • Entry layout settings

    Before you can retrieve lines from the pending order, you must include the Pending order quantity field on the Lines tab in the sales order entry layout.

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