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Pending order

A pending order is an order that is not getting delivered yet.


A packing slip will not be s printed for an article in an order that is set to Pending order.

You can use a pending order, for example, as a blanket order.


Using a pending order you can create an order, with which the customer orders 1200 units for the entire year. Per month you can then adjust the quantity in the pending order, so that every month 100 units are delivered. Because the articles are in a pending order, they are not included when packing slips are generated.

You can also use pending orders as a temporary wait status for an article for which the Check for available stock (sales order and packing slip) or Check for economic stock (sales order) stock check has been specified. If during these check methods Profit determines that the stock is insufficient, you can transfer the entire order line to a pending order.
If an article is purchased and the stringent stock check method is applied, any pending orders for the article remain as pending orders. The sales order will not be included in the sales process to create packing slips.

In Profit we distinguish pending orders and backorders. They are similar in the sense that when there is a stock shortage, the Pending order quantity field is coompleted. The difference is that once there are sufficient articles in stock, the articles in the backorder are automatically included (via the order proposal that has been set up at the article level) when packing slips are generated. Articles in a pending order are not automatically updated when the packing slips are generated.

However, you can manually change the quantity in the pending order (if you use the pending order as a blanket order). You can also manually allocate a purchase order or have the purchase order allocated automatically using the Order planning. You can make sure that pending orders are also included in the purchase order allocation (only from Order planning) by setting this up for the article.


  • Configuration

    Configuring pending orders consists of setting up the stock check and the allocation to pending orders at the article level. In addition, you adjust the entry layout.


  • Add a sales order line with stock shortage

    A pending order is an order that is not getting delivered yet.

  • Transfer an entire order to a pending order manually

    You can manually transfer an entire order to a Pending order.

  • Allocate a pending order to a purchase order

    For a pending order, stock is not reserved and delivered automatically. In case of a blanket order, you will always complete the pending order manually. In case of a pending order caused by a stock shortage, you usually will want to make sure that a reservation is made on a purchase order, so you will be able to deliver the pending order. In this case you can manually or automatically allocate a purchase order to the pending order (line).

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