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Transfer an entire order to a pending order manually

You can manually transfer an entire order to a Pending order.

You would do this, for example if the sales order:

  • Will only be delivered in the (distant) future.
  • Will be delivered as part of a blanket order.

If you manually transfer an order to a pending order, it is as if you park it. The order line is no longer included in the regular order process, until you manually perform an action on the pending order line. However, you can use the Order planning function to allocate a purchase order, after which the packing slip will be generated.


If you manually transfer a (part of an) order to a pending order, no stock is reserved for the part that is in the pending order.

To add an entire sales order as a pending order:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Sales process / Sales order.
  2. Click on: New
  3. If multiple entry layouts are available then select an entry layout.
  4. You now see the entry layout.
  5. Select the sales contact.
  6. Go to the tab: Order.
  7. Select the Pending order check box.
  8. Enter the article lines.

  9. Click on: Finish

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