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Promotional discount (sales)

A promotional discount is a temporary discount in the form of an amount or percentage that is deducted from the sales price.

A basic promotional discount, in short a 'promotional discount', is a general promotional discount.



In the discounts level structure, the basic promotional discount has the fourth priority. This means that if promotional discounts have been specified at a higher level, for example a promotional discount in a discount group, then this discount takes precedence over the promotional discount.

The basic promotional discount applies to all sales contacts. Thus, it is not added for a specific sales contact or for a group of sales contacts (discount group). The same applies for promotional discounts in purchasing.

In the discounts level structure, the following underlying sequence also applies within the above structure:

  1. Item
  2. Article group
  3. Price group

This means that a discount on a article group always has priority over a discount on a price group if they have been recorded on the same level. A discount on an item always has priority over a discount on an article group if they have been recorded on the same level.

The wizard for adding a promotional discount is the same everywhere, whether you are adding a promotional discount or adding a promotional discount to a discount group or adding a discount agreement at sales contact level.

You can maintain promotional discounts using the Profit entry window. This will give you an overview of the existing promotional discounts and it is a simple and quick task to change existing promotional discounts or add new ones.

You can also add recurring promotional discounts.


  • Configuration

    To ensure that the use of prices and discounts happens correctly, you can specify a number of settings.


  • Add a promotional discount

    When adding a promotional discount, you first make a selection of the articles for which you want to add the discount. After this, you enter the discount and the start date and the end date for the promotional discount. You can have Profit calculate the promotional discount or you can enter a discount or a volume discount yourself. You can also specify how you want Profit to handle the discount and whether the promotional discount is a fixed discount.

  • Maintain a promotional discount

    You can maintain promotional discounts using an entry layout. You then have an overview of (a selection of) all current (promotional) discounts and you can add new (promotional) discounts directly. You can add multiple (promotional) discounts from one single screen, the entry layout.

  • Add a recurring promotional discount

    You can get a particular promotional discount to reoccur weekly (make repetitive) if you copy the promotional discounts.

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