User requests a token for own app connector

A user requests a token using an external application. This application calls the Profit Web services. If the request was successful, the user gets an email with an activation code. The activation code is a one-time password. You can use it to add a token via the web service.

  • A valid e-mail address should have been entered for the user in General / Management / Authorisation tool. The user must be a member of the user group that is linked to the app connector.

This topic shows you how to test the web service manually and gives you an example of the SOAP call. You can find all endpoints on this page.


Retrieve keys in Profit
  1. Go to: General / Management / App connector.
  2. Open the properties of the app connector.
  3. You need the values for the API key and Environment key fields.

Test the web service (only for a local Profit installation)

The web service calls Profit and registers a token for an app connector/user.


This method only works with a local installation, not on AFAS Online. Run this call on the Profit application server.

  1. Call the web service. Use a URL from the table.
  2. Click on: 'GenerateOTP'.
  3. Enter the name of the Profit user in 'userId'.
  4. Enter the value of API key in 'apiKey'.
  5. Enter the value of Environment key in 'environmentKey'.
  6. Enter the description of the device in 'description'. This description is registered in the properties of the app connector.

    App_Cnr App connector token toevoegen via webservice - Generate OTP

  7. Click on: 'Invoke'.
SOAP call

Profit Connector for generating an activation code (One-Time Password) for an app connector.

Download an XML example file


  • userId: Name of the Profit user.
  • apiKey: API key of the app connector.
  • environmentKey: Environment key of the app connector.
  • description: The description of the device. This description is registered in the properties of the app connector.

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