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Add, change and delete actual costing (PtRealization UpdateConnector)

UpdateConnector for adding, changing or deleting actual costing lines.

UpdateConnector name: PtRealization


You can retrieve a list of fields to be supplied for each UpdateConnector and generate an XML example. See the description for AFAS Online or for a local installation.






Add actual costing lines

Download an XML sample file

Also see the example files for intercompany entries in this topic.


Change actual costing lines

Download an XML sample file (change lines)

Download an XML sample file (report lines ready)

Download an XML sample file (approve lines)

Download an XML sample file (undo approval)


Delete actual costing lines

When you delete lines, the UpdateConnector also deletes lines that have already been approved or reported ready.

All actual costing lines have a unique line number. For a Delete action, you include this number in the 'Id' field.

You can view the unique line number via Projects / Actual costing / Actual costing overview. Add a view and add the Line number field to that view.

Not possible with the connector:

  • Actual costing lines cannot be moved to another period.

Points of attention:

  • The UpdateConnector uses the project settings to report lines ready and approve them. This ensures that you can report the imported entries ready and/or approve them immediately.

Points for attention from Update 2016.2.06:

  • You can use an UPDATE to approve lines, undo the approval and report lines ready. This can also be done for actual costing lines that result from leave requests and absence entries.
  • You can modify lines using an UPDATE, provided the lines have not yet been reported ready.

Item type

Field: VaIt

Only the following values are allowed:

  • 1: Work type.
  • 2: Article
  • 6: Costs

Supply the correct type for each line. The value for actual costing lines without a work type should be 1.


Field: Ch

  • When the field given, the relevant value (true / false) is copied.
  • If this field is not given, the value 'True' is applied.

    If the Ch field is not provided, but instead a project is used for which the 'Instalments' check box has been selected, Profit takes this into consideration. This also means that if 'Instalments' has been selected for the project, the 'Charge' field by default is set to 'False'. This is not the case if a project phase is also provided in the XML and the 'Additional work' check box is selected for the phase. In that case, the 'Charge' field is set to 'True', as it should be.

Monitoring code (specific field for the construction sector)

Field: MoId

Project cost type (specific field for the construction sector)

Field: CoTy

Administrative employee (specific field for intercompany entries)

If the Intercompany activation has been enabled, you can leave the Employee field blank. In that case, you must use the Employee administration and/or Employee cost centre fields to create intercompany actual costing lines using the import or the PtRealization UpdateConnector.

Example files for Intercompany mode Administration:

Example files for Intercompany mode Administration and cost centre:

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