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View an analysis using the Profit Communication Center in InSite

You can view an analysis using the Profit Communication Center, even on a system on which Profit is not installed.

A version of Microsoft Excel supported by Profit must be installed on your workstation.


You cannot use this procedure to view analyses that require pre-entry.

If you open an analysis via InSite, it will now be generated on the AFAS Online servers and then opened locally. This protects your data even better, because all data processing takes place on our servers and you as a customer only see the end result. This applies to all analyses that you open via InSite, for most customers this is via the My analyses to be started view. The analysis is generated via the queue.

It is not mandatory to have the PCC installed on your PC. Note the following distinction:

  • Once the PCC is installed, you can refresh the analysis. The current data is retrieved from Profit by refreshing.
  • If the PCC is not installed, you cannot refresh the analysis. If you still want to use the current data, you have to request the analysis from scratch.

The analysis will only be opened if it does not give any errors during generation. If an error message does occur, the analysis is not opened and a message is logged. You can edit the analysis to fix the error.

To view an analysis:

  1. Start InSite.
  2. Click on: Communication Center.

  3. Open the analysis in the My analyses to be started overview.


    You cannot save changes to analyses in Profit if you opened the analysis using this method.

    If you cannot open the analysis or if messages appear, please refer to the Preparations and Frequently asked questions topics.

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