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Platform support and product support

Dit onderwerp bevat een overzicht van door Profit ondersteunde besturingsystemen en softwareproducten.

AFAS strives to support the platforms on which Profit runs and the products with which Profit interfaces for at least 3 years after its release.

Many products have a 32 bits and 64 bits version. Both versions are supported, unless otherwise indicated.



You need a browser to view the AFAS Help Center and to work with the InSite and OutSite websites.

AFAS advises that you use the Google Chrome browser.



Microsoft Edge

Edge based on Chromium is supported.

Older versions with other engines are not supported.

Google Chrome

Make sure that you have these browsers set to update to the latest version automatically.

Safari (alleen Apple Mac)

Make sure that you have these browsers set to update to the latest version automatically.

Mozilla FireFox

Make sure that you have these browsers set to update to the latest version automatically.

Editing attachments to dossier items in InSite is possible as from Mozilla Firefox 60.0.2 (64-bits) and in the other supported browsers.

Support for Internet Explorer has been terminated.

Operating system

Support is relevant for the following components:

  • Profit Communication Center (PCC)
  • Citrix Workspace of Citrix Receiver

    Should there be issues with for instance viewing dashboards or other types of data exchange with AFAS Online, then contact your systems administrator and pass on te following remarks.

    If techniques such as SSL scanning, SSL decryption, HTTPS inspection, deep packet inspection (DPI) or an intrusion prevention system (IPS) are used on your network, check whether the problem no longer occurs if the AFAS Online traffic is excluded from these. An intermediate VPN or proxy server can also cause problems depending on the settings. The addresses of AFAS can be found in the article System requirements for Citrix platform.

Microsoft Office

Supported versions:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Business,
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus
  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3,
  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E4
  • Microsoft Office 2019
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Microsoft Office 2013

De ondersteuning van Microsoft Office 2010 is beƫindigd.

Office integrations

Profit offers many integrations with Microsoft Office. To use these, install the Profit Communication Center (PCC) and link it to your environment. Some of the possiblities:

  • Record Word-, Excel- and Powerpoint files quickly as a an attachment to a dossieritem in Profit. It's also easy to open the attachment from Profit, or to edit it and save your changed to Profit.

    Record received email from Outlook directly with the sender in Profit (the afzender will be recognized automatically).Record sent email directly with the addressee.

  • Create mail merge documents using the Document Generator.
  • Create Analyses in Excel.

Other applications - like Open Office - are not supported. Very often you van record the files in Profit (again as an attachment with a dossier item), but you can't open or edit these files automatically via Profit.


Profit cannot be used (on site) via a VPN connection.

In the case of AFAS Online, a VPN connection or a proxy connection can have a negative impact on performance.

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