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You use the Document generator to compose and send letters and mailings (both on paper and by e-mail). Under certain conditions, you can save sent documents in the dossier.


If you are using AFAS Online, you need the PCC for the Document generator starting with Update 8. The Document generator itself has also been renewed. In the Profit Help you can find more information about the new Document generator.



You can use the Document generator in two ways. You either generate merge letters that you also save in the dossier, or you generate merge letters that you do not save in the dossier.

Generate merge letters and save them in the dossier

You generate merge letters and save these in the dossier. For every organisation or person selected, a dossier item is created with a merge letter as an attachment. You can create personalised e-mail messages by basing them on a document layout.

This is explained in the following topics:

Generate merge letters, but not save them in the dossier

You generate merge letters, for example for a number of organisations or debtors. You use this option, for example for general notifications, large-scale actions, a change of address, etc.


  • Configure documents
  • Download barcode fonts for reports and documents

    You download the Profit Barcode Fonts from the AFAS Customer Portal. Follow the instructions listed there.

  • Check support for Microsoft Word

    A supported version of Microsoft Word must have been installed on your workstation or Terminal Server.

    If you generate a document in AFAS Online, this is done on an AFAS Online server. You can, however, only open the file locally.

  • Install the PCC

    The new Document generator is available starting with Profit 02016.2.08. After the transition to Profit 2016.2.08, you must download the PCC again and install it on your workstation or Terminal Server.

    The PCC is not required to generate documents. If you have installed and linked the PCC, a document can be opened automatically on your workstation. If you have InSite, you can open the document using My files.




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