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Record an Office document as a dossier item (Profit Communication Center)

You can save files from Microsoft Office programs in Profit using the Profit Communication Center. You add a dossier item in Profit in which the document or file to be registered is included as an attachment.


If you create a new e-mail message and want to submit it directly as a dossier item, you must follow another procedure.

To submit dossier items using Word, Excel or PowerPoint:

  1. Start Microsoft Word, Excel of PowerPoint.
  2. Open or create the document. For an e-mail message you need to open this.
  3. Click on:Record.

    Crm_Dossier via POC (InSite) Office

  4. If you are using one environment in combination with the Profit Communication Center, you register a dossier item in that environment. Continue with the next step.

    If you have multiple environments, click on the required environment.

    InSite opens a page for recording a dossier item.

  5. Click on the dossier item type that you want to use.

  6. If this list becomes too long, you can record a filter that will in the future be applied automatically, so that by default you only see the dossier item types you need.

    Steps for recording a filter

  7. Complete the fields. These depend on the dossier item type. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
  8. Click on: Create.

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