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Use Profit Windows to edit an attachment to a dossier item

You can edit an attachment (Word or Excel file) to a dossier item in Profit Windows.

You start the edit in Profit Windows. The file to be edited is prepared. Edit the attachment using the local Office application and then record it again in Profit.


  • You have installed the Profit Communication Center locally.
  • Editing is allowed based on the dossier item type.
  • The AFAS Temporary Office Accessapp connector must be unblocked.
  • You can only edit Microsoft Office attachments for versions of Office which are supported by AFAS. Please refer to platform and product support. For example, you can edit Word files with the extension .DOCX, but editing .DOC files is not possible. The .DOC file format is obsolete.

To edit the attachment to a dossier item (AFAS Online):

  1. Open the dossier item.
  2. Click on the action: Edit attachment.

    The file is prepared.

  3. The next steps depend on the situation:

    File is opened automatically

    Open a file manually using InSite

    Open a file manually using Profit Windows

  4. Edit the document.
  5. Click on the action: Save.

    Crm_Bijlage bij dossieritem bewerken in InSite via Profit Office Connector

  6. Close the document.

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