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Filter data

Use the filter to find the required data in a view quickly. For example, you can filter organisations by the city of Leusden, so the view only shows organisations from Leusden.



  • Quick filter

    The quick filter is a simple filter that will give the desired result in most situations. You enter the quick filter in the view and can easily change it.

  • Simple filter

    The Filter window is a separate window that allows you to enter filter values.

  • Advanced filter

    Using the advanced filter, you can filter one field by multiple values (you can use both an AND and an OR filter). Because of the way this window is laid out, you have easy access to the filter criteria.

  • Compare columns using a filter

    Using a filter, you can compare the values of two columns in a view.

  • Filter management

    If you save a filter, you can apply it directly a next time, just by selecting it. If you save a filter together with a particular view, you can only use it for that view and not for other views.

  • Filter variables

    You can filter using variables (or filter tags) instead of fixed values. This is especially useful in filters you save for reuse.

  • Filter criteria

    Filter criteria provide you with options for numerous smart searches.

  • Examples

    Filter examples and examples of the use of tags/variables in filters.


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