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Reports, analyses and documents

Management information is more than the sum of its parts: you assemble data in an overview and determine the relationships between the data, edit them, select a certain presentation, etc. Based on the insights gained from this, you take decisions and determine your policies. With Profit a large number of reports and analyses is supplied. In addition, you can use the Totalizer to analyse view data on an ad-hoc basis. You can also export all views to Microsoft Excel, to be able to use the extensive options of that package.


The default support supplied by AFAS does not apply to reports, analyses and documents you have added yourself. If you need support for these, you can contact Customer Service to schedule a consultant. Call the phone number 033-4341800.

With Profit, your management information is always up-to-date!

At the touch of a button, the analyses and reports in Profit provide you at all times with a clear view of the key indicators of your department and organisation. Thus you can provide information and adjust things in time!

A large number of analyses and reports are available as defaults. Using these analyses and reports you can determine your strategy and policies. You can also support the management team with strategically important information.



  • Totalizer

    Using the Totalizer, you can quickly analyse the data from one view. You can group, totalise, average, etc. data.

  • View a report

    Profit contains a large number of reports.

  • View an analysis

    You generate an analysis in Microsoft Excel based on data from Profit. If you want, you can display the data in a graph or a pivot table.

  • Export a view to Microsoft Excel

    You export the data in a view to Microsoft Excel, to be able to use the extensive options of that package.

  • Generate documents

    You use the Document generator to compose and send letters and mailings (both on paper and by e-mail). Under certain conditions, you can save sent documents in the dossier.

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