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Using the Totalizer, you can quickly analyse the data from one view. You can group, totalise, average, etc. data. These options are not available in views, but they are in the Totalizer. The Totalizer only uses the data that are visible in the view and does not display any data that is in hidden columns.


Group data

You group the lines based on a certain column, for example employee or ledger account number. You can also group lines based on multiple columns. Profit shows the total number of lines for the fields you have grouped the lines on.

To group data:

In this example you group entries by turnover account.

  1. Go to:Financial / Ledger / Financial changes.
  2. Select the Financiële mutaties met naam view.
  3. Select All administrations in the administration filter.

    Data_Totalizer (10) - Filter

  4. Filter by ledger accounts with numbers beginning with the digits 80. Also filter by the year 2013.

    Data_Totalizer (10) - Filter


    The Totalizer only uses the lines that are visible in the view. A smaller number of lines positively affects the performance of the Totalizer.

  5. Start the Totalizer from the toolbar (or directly using Ctrl+Y).

    Profit shows the lines that are visible in the view in the Totalizer (notice how the various columns have been sorted).

  6. Drag the column you want to group the lines on to the box below the title bar. You group by account number.


    Grouping by name does not provide good results if the same name appears multiple times. Grouping by a code or number is preferable.

  7. Profit shows the number of entries for each ledger account:

  8. Compress the lines by ledger account by clicking on Dat_Totalizer ERP (10) - verdichten knop .

    Dat_Totalizer ERP (10) - verdichten knop

Calculate totals and averages

You can calculate totals and averages for columns that display amounts or quantities. Profit calculates the totals and averages based on lines displayed in the Totalizer.

To calculate totals and averages:

The below procedure is a continuation of the 'Group data' procedure. In this example you determine the total amount or average per turnover account.

  1. You have opened the Totalizer and grouped the lines by turnover account.
  2. Select a column with an amount or quantity and click on the button:
    • : Calculate total
    • : Calculate average

    The Totalizer calculates the average or the total per group and per column:

Format data

You can use the following options to format the data in the Totalizer.




Display text in bold

Click in the column (not on the title).

Click on:.

Change font

Click in the column (not on the title).

Click on:.

Select the desired colour.

Totalize column

(Only for columns with amounts, quantities, numbers, etc.)

Click in the column (not on the title).

Click on:.

Calculate average

(Only for columns with amounts, quantities, numbers, etc.)

Click in the column (not on the title).

Click on:.

Display group separators

If you have sorted the data, you can use this button to display lines between the groups. If you click on the button again, the lines are removed.


Set the line height

Increase the line height. Click again to return to the original height.

Align all columns


Expand or collapse group

Collapse the group by clicking on the ‘-’ sign or expand it by clicking on the ‘+’ sign. You can also collapse or expand all groups at the same time by clicking on the ‘-’ button next to the column title used for grouping.

Sort a column

Double-click on the column header to sort the column. Double-click again to reverse the sorting.

Cancel all changes


Print a view


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