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Bank statements

You can automatically import and process the digital bank statements. Profit automatically reconciles outstanding items from debtors and creditors while importing, as long as the payments in question can be recognised. If you use the bank link (currently only ABN-Amrobank, Rabobank and ING bank in combination with AFAS Online), downloading and importing is done automatically.

In Profit, you can import statements for international account numbers within the SEPA area.


Importing bank statements saves you time and prevents errors. You download the statements from the bank in the form of files. By importing a file, you transfer the statement lines to the bank journal in your administration. If you have multiple administrations, you can import the statement lines for all administrations in one go.

Not all banks use the same file format for electronic bank statements.

You can import the following file formats:

  • Swift (MT-940)

    This is the most used file format. When importing, Profit checks whether the opening balance in the file matches the balance in the journal concerned. Manual corrections in the journal are then altogether wrong.

  • BRI output file

    BRI stands for 'Bulk Rekening Informatie'. This is a file format of Rabo Telebankieren Extra.

    Using this format, you receive account information from third parties. The files contain account information about multiple bank account numbers over a specific period.

  • GMU

    'GMU' stands for 'Geïntegreerde Mutatie Uitvoer'. ING has developed GMU specially for (up to) 7-digit business accounts.

    'GMU' provides information about the transactions performed and unprocessed payment and collection orders.

  • Equens (previously Interpay)
  • Postbank

    Specially for files with giro account numbers only.

  • MCR

    The Multi Client Report format from ABN AMRO.

  • Bank to Customer Statement (CAMT.053).

    The new file format which will eventually be used by all the Dutch banks. This file format is also known as TAG25 to banks.

Your first step in processing the daily bank statements consists of downloading the daily bank statements. Each bank has developed its own procedures for this. Select .940 (SWIFT MT940) as the output format.




Bank statements