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Bank link checklist: Why are bank statements not being received?

If you automatically use a bank link, but (no longer) receive bank statements, go through this checklist.

AFAS status check

First check whether there has been a fault on, which has meant that the statements have not arrived or will arrive later.

Step 1

Go through the checklist for the banking link in Profit.

  1. Go to: General / Configuration / Payment settings / Bank account.
  2. Select the bank account number. Or double-click the bank account number and go to the Bank integration tab (Profit 16).
  3. Click on the action: Bank integration checklist or Checklist (Profit 16).
  4. Click on: Start checklist.

    Click here to see an explanation for each check

  5. Click on: Finish.

Step 2

If the checklist has been correctly carried out, check the communication messages.

  1. Go to: General / Communication service / Communication message.
  2. Filter on the Communication with Bank Integration communication profile.
  3. Check whether there are messages with the ''Error when processing'' status
  4. Click on the action:Process message.

    If step 1 has been carried out correctly, messages will be processed successfully. If there are no messages, contact support.

Account number is moving to another licence number

Has your account number moved to another licence number? Contact AFAS Support to change this. Next, you must reactivate the bank link.

No statements are arriving after the new bank link activation.

Usually, this means that the last step, i.e. confirmation with the TAN code/ING app/Rabobank scanner, has not been performed. To make the link now, the best option is to again carry out the steps through the site.

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