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Register and activate the Rabobank bank link (AFAS Online)

You register and activate the bank link between Rabo Internet Banking Professional and AFAS Online.


This functionality does not work if you have a 'Cooperation Licence', because with such a licence the participant number in the request deviates.

To configure the bank link between Rabo internet banking and AFAS Online:

  1. Log on to Rabo Internet Banking using the Random Reader.

    Fin_Bankintegratie Rabo internetbankieren aanmelden en activeren (AFAS Online) 80

  2. View the settings and authorisations of the link per bank account number, via the Online boekhoudpakket menu option. Here, select Instellingen.

    You see a new window with an overview of your account(s).

  3. Select AFAS software in Boekhoudpakket and click on the Rekeningen onderhouden button.

    If you want to change the settings, you will be redirected from Rabo Internet Banking to the AFAS Online Portal. To log on you must specify your user name and password. You have received these log-on data from AFAS Online. For example: AOL\12345.user and the password you use to log on to the Profit package. If you do not have this data or have forgotten it, please contact the administrator of your AFAS Online environment or the AFAS Support Centre via the Customer Portal.

    If the following message appears: Bank account number XXX is already known, but it is linked to a different participant, you should contact the AFAS Support Centre.

    Please refer to the Rabobank website for a training video that explains online administration with the Rabobank. On this website, select Online boekhouden from the menu.

  4. The Instellen bankintegratie Rabo Internetbankieren window shows the settings as AFAS has received from the Rabobank:

    Per bank account number you can enable or disable the following options for the exchange:

    • Transactions, for the automatic exchange of digital bank statements (MT940 (SWIFT) or CAMT files).
    • Payments, for the automatic exchange of digital payment orders.
    • Collection, for the automatic exchange of digital collection orders.


    A timeout of 20 minutes applies to the above window for setting up the bank integration with Rabo Internet Banking. This means that you have to make and confirm any changes within 20 minutes.

  5. Click on: Wijzigen and in AFAS Online specify the settings for the link per bank account number.

    You can Cancel, if you want to. You are then automatically logged out of the AFAS Online Portal and return to Rabo Internet Banking.

  6. For each bank account number, select the check boxes for the exchange options (Transactions, Payments, Collection) you want to use.
  7. Enter the e-mail address.
  8. Click on: Toepassen when you are done changing the settings.
  9. Click on: Bevestigen.

    Your data is passed on to the AFAS Bank Integration Service. If the processing in the Bank Integration Service does not result in any errors, the below confirmation page appears. This window shows instructions for the activation and the activation code (PIN code).


    Write down your activation code (pay attention to upper-case and lower-case letters), because this code is only displayed on this screen. We do not send the activation code by e-mail. You must use this activation code within 24 hours. If you let the activation code expire, a message is shown.

  10. Click on: Signeren.

    You return to the Rabo Internet Banking application.

    Rabo Internet Banking shows the new settings that have been specified in the AFAS Online Portal.

  11. Sign the new settings using the Random Reader.

    Once you have signed the changes, the Rabo Internet Banking application applies them. AFAS Online receives a confirmation of the new settings.

  12. Close Rabo Internet Banking.
  13. Start Profit.
  14. Go to: General / Configuration / Payment settings / Bank account.
  15. Select the bank account number for which you want to activate the bank integration.


    A registered bank account cannot be present twice in your environment.

    You activate each bank account number separately.

  16. Click on the action: Activate bank integration.

  17. Enter your activation code.
  18. In Administratie filter, also select the administration the bank account is part of. This field is only available for SE and AL Profit customers.
  19. Click on: Finish.

    The customer environment retrieves an activation message with the data of the linked bank account numbers and imports this message into Profit.

    You get an overview of the account number(s) you have just activated.

    An error message appears in Profit if no activation data are ready to be retrieved.

  20. Go to: General / Configuration / Payment settings / Bank account.
  21. Open the properties of the bank account number.
  22. Go to the tab: Bank integration.

    Check the settings of this bank account number.

If you do not see any data, no bank link is activated. If during the registration you have entered an incorrect activation code 3 times or if more than 1 day has passed since you received the activation code, the activation may have failed. In that case, repeat the steps above and register again for the bank integration via AFAS Online. You receive a new activation code and can enter it for the bank account number in Profit.

After the activation, it can take 24 hours before you receive the first bank statements. You only receive a bank statement if entries have been posted to the bank account during that time.

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