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Register and activate the ABN AMRO bank link (AFAS Online)

You register and activate the bank link between ABN AMRO internet banking and AFAS Online.


In the case of the automatic bank link with ABN AMRO, the bank statements do not include transaction codes. Before you activate this bank link, check if you are using transaction codes in the automatic processing of bank statements.

To register the ABN AMRO bank bank link:

  1. Request the bank link via the phone or via a web form from the ABN AMRO bank.
    • By phone: you register using a special telephone line of the ABN AMRO (0900 0024) to activate the link. You also pass on the account number and the PIN code by phone. This way, the authentication of the requester has been taken care of and it is not necessary to submit a signature in writing.
    • Web form: on the website of the ABN AMRO, use the web form below to enter your AFAS participant number, your company data and the account number you want to link. Also specify AFAS Software as the provider of your online accounting. Print the form and sign it to provide legal coverage for the authorisation, and send it to the ABN AMRO bank.


    You only need to specify your participant number, for example, 12345. Thus do not specify O12345AAA.

    ABN AMRO customers who are not AFAS Online customers yet, can also use the below web form and send it to the ABN AMRO. However, they should answer Nee to the question 'Heb je al een online boekhouding' ('Do you already have online accounting') and specify AFAS in 'Ik wil graag een aanbieding ontvangen van' ('I would like to receive an offer from'). When AFAS receives the request from the ABN AMRO, AFAS requests information, and the Sales department will provide the prospect with the required information or a quotation.

    In both cases (request by phone or web form), AFAS receives an e-mail message about this request from the ABN AMRO which includes your login data. If you used the web form to submit the request, processing this request can take a couple of days. Requests by phone are processed immediately. The ABN AMRO (Fulfilment & Service department) verifies your request and sends AFAS a confirmation of the correctness of the request. AFAS checks the participant number you have specified.

  2. In the above web form, enter the 'old' IBAN bank account number in Welk rekeningnummer wilt u koppelen?, instead of the current IBAN number.
  3. In the e-mail address field, enter the address the confirmation should be sent to. Customers who are using an accountant office should therefore enter the e-mail address of that office.
  4. You should, however, enter the data of the company associated with the account in the company data fields.

The bank considers this request. If you have requested the bank link in writing (via post), this approval process can take a couple of days.

To confirm the ABN AMRO bank link request and to activate it in Profit:

After processing and approval of your request, you receive an e-mail from AFAS with a confirmation request. The e-mail is sent to the address you have entered in the web form. The subject line of this e-mail message will be ‘Bevestiging AFAS Bankintegratie'.


This message with the confirmation request is generated automatically. Replies to this message will not be read. Any questions you might have can be asked in the customer portal.

  1. Open the e-mail with the confirmation request. This e-mail contains a hyperlink that includes a unique request number, for example:


  2. Click on: the hyperlink in the e-mail.

    If you click on the hyperlink and log on to confirm your link, you receive an activation code. You must use this activation code within 24 hours.

  3. Log on to the web page using your AFAS Online user name and password.

    By logging on to this web page, you authenticate as AFAS Online user and confirm the settings for the bank account numbers in AFAS Online.

    Your data are passed on to the AFAS Bank Integration Service. This service checks the request and the participant number you have used to log on. If the check shows that the participant number does not match, the web page notifies you that the registration could not be confirmed and that you should contact AFAS Online by phone. If the participant number does match and the processing in the Bank Integration Service does not result in any errors, a confirmation page appears. This window shows instructions for the activation and the activation code (PIN code).


    Write down your activation code (pay attention to upper-case and lower-case letters), because this code is only displayed on this screen. We do not send the activation code by e-mail. You must use this activation code within 24 hours. If you let the activation code expire, a message is shown.

  4. Start Profit.
  5. Go to: General / Configuration / Payment settings / Bank account.
  6. Select the bank account number for which you want to activate the bank integration.


    A registered bank account cannot be present twice in your environment.

    You activate each bank account number separately.

  7. Click on the action: Activate bank integration.

  8. Enter your activation code.
  9. In Administratie filter, also select the administration the bank account is part of. This field is only available for SE and AL Profit customers.
  10. Click on: Finish.

    The customer environment retrieves an activation message with the data of the linked bank account numbers and imports this message into Profit.

    You get an overview of the account number(s) you have just activated.

    An error message appears in Profit if no activation data are ready to be retrieved.

  11. Go to: General / Configuration / Payment settings / Bank account.
  12. Open the properties of the bank account number.
  13. Go to the tab: Bank integration.

    Check the settings of this bank account number.

  14. If you do not see any data, no bank link is activated. If during the registration you have entered an incorrect activation code 3 times or if more than 1 day has passed since you received the activation code, the activation may have failed. In that case, repeat the steps above and register again for the bank integration via AFAS Online. You receive a new activation code and can enter it for the bank account number in Profit.Exit the window.

After the activation, it can take 24 hours before you receive the first bank statements. You only receive a bank statement if entries have been posted to the bank account during that time.

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