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Cancel the ABN AMRO bank link (AFAS Online)

You cancel the bank link if you decide to stop with the automatic exchange of bank statements between the ABN AMRO bank and AFAS Online. You can arrange this yourself from your environment. Profit automatically sends a cancellation message to the AFAS Bank Integration Service.

If you stop being an AFAS Online customer, you have to notify ABN AMRO about this.

It is also possible that AFAS ‘manually’ cancels the bank integration in the Bank Integration Service, for example to interrupt the registration process. In that case, AFAS will pass the cancellation on to ABN AMRO. The following are examples of this scenario:

  • When requesting the integration, the prospect has requested a quotation from AFAS Online, but decides not to become an AFAS Online customer.
  • A request by an account holder who has incorrectly indicated being an AFAS Online customer, for example if the customer uses a different software package or uses the offline version of AFAS.


    You can ensure that not all users can perform the Close bank integration action. You configure this using action authorisation.

To cancel the ABN AMRO bank link:

  1. Go to: General / Configuration / Payment settings / Bank account.
  2. Select the line with the required bank account number.
  3. Click on the action: Close bank integration.

    A cancellation message is sent to the AFAS Bank Integration Service. Once the cancellation message has been processed, the bank account number gets the Completed status. You can check this in on the Bank integration tab of the bank account number. AFAS passes the request on to ABN AMRO.

  4. Go to: General / Communication service / Send and receive to send the message. The message is sent automatically if you process messages using a scheduled task.

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