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Process a bank statement via the bank link (AFAS Online)

From this point onwards, you process a bank statement you have received via the bank link (with ABN AMRO bank, Rabobank or ING) in the same way as a bank statement without the bank link. However, you skip the step of ‘manually’ importing the bank statement because the bank statement is imported automatically.

You receive a bank statement via a communication message. You can check if the messages have been received and processed correctly via the communication service. You can view the communication messages and communication log for the Bank Link in this environment.

If an error occurs during the import then this is logged as an 'error during processing'. An example of such an error is when you import bank statements via the bank link option for a bank account number for which this has not been set up or when a statement is received for a specific bank account number which is not present in the environment.


  • A bank statement received via the bank link is automatically imported into your environment when you open the bank statement view by selecting Financial / Enter / Bank statement. You can also automate this by using a scheduled taskSend and receive communication service, so that your messages are retrieved automatically. For each task to be performed, you specify the days and the time when it must be carried out. For example, each morning at 7:00. The advantage of this is that Profit imports the messages from the bank with the bank statements without you first having to open the bank statement view. Furthermore, the messages with the bank statements are only available for retrieval for 60 days. After 60 days, the messages (with bank statements) are deleted.
  • If you have activated the bank link for AFAS Online and bank statements are received automatically in Profit, you cannot use the bank link to import bank statements that pre-date the start date of the link. You can process bank statements predating the link start date as follows:

    - Enter the opening balance of the bank account on the date you start receiving bank statements using the bank link in AFAS Online, or;

    - Manually import bank statements that predate the link start date by selecting Financial / Enter / Bank statement and clicking on New. You can download these bank statements yourself using internet banking.

To process a bank statement using bank integration:

  1. Go to: Financial / Enter / Bank statement.

    This opens the view with all bank statements.

    Profit asks if the exchange must be performed so that you can choose whether or not you now want to update the bank statements.

    You see a Bankintegratie berichten verzenden en ontvangen progress screen if you have received a message with a bank statement via the communication service. Profit then automatically imports the bank statement.

    The bank statement that has been automatically imported has the Loaded or Blocked status (for example, if the opening balance does not match).

  2. Select the imported (or blocked) bank statement.
  3. Click on the action: Process or Process automatically.

    For more information, please refer to process a bank statement.

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