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Reconcile a sales invoice against a credit invoice

In Profit Financieel, you can write off an outstanding item for an invoice and a credit invoice for the same debtor against each other using a general journal entry. This also applies for creditors.

If you invoice in Profit Order management, you can reconcile a still outstanding item with a credit invoice. If you credit an invoice in Profit Order Management, Profit can automatically add a reconciliation journal entry in Profit Financieel. This only happens if the complete invoice is still outstanding. Profit adds this journal entry when journalising the credit invoice. For the journal entry description, Profit uses, for example: '[rec] Reconcile invoice 99990019<>99990016'.

To reconcile an invoice against a credit invoice in Profit Financial:

  1. Go to: Financial / Enter / Journal.
  2. Check Financial year and Period. These are the financial year and the period to which you post the entry.
  3. Select the general journal.
  4. Click on: Finish.

    Profit shows the entry layout for the journal.

  5. Select the debtor in Account.

    You can also enter the search name of the debtor in Search help.

  6. Click on the action: Invoices.

    You open the reconciliation window. You can also open this window by pressing F8 in the Invoice number column.

    1. Select the Select directly check box.
    2. Select the check boxes for both the invoice and the credit invoice in the Sel column.
    3. Click on: Finish.
  7. Go to: the next line.

    Profit displays two lines: the normal invoice and the credit invoice, each with the same debtor. This journal entry is balanced.

  8. Click on: Finish.

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