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View ledger entries via the Financial entries view

The Financial changes view contains all the entries. This view is especially useful for analysing your entries, because the filtering options are extensive. Use this view when you want to look up an entry on the basis of, for example, the description or the amount.


You want to view all sales entries with amounts greater than € 1,000. All sales accounts in this example are part of category 8. You use an advanced filter for this purpose:

  • Account number: @8
  • Credit amount: >1000

    Profit only displays entries that meet both conditions.

To view entries via the Financial entries view:

  1. Go to: Financial / Ledger / Financial changes.

    Fin_Financiel mutaties raadplegen (10)

    Profit displays a view with entries. The Entry column displays the description of the journal entry. The description of the journal entry contains the source of the part of Profit where this journal entry originated, if this journal entry has been generated via journalising.

  2. Select Current administration or All administrations if you have multiple administrations.

    Data_Weergave met administraties raadplegen

  3. Select the entry.
  4. Click on the Open attachment action if you want to open the attachment (for example, a PDF file of the invoice).
  5. Click on the action: Edit journal entry.


    To immediately see whether an entry/journal entry can be changed or not, you can adjust the Financial changes view.

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