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View operating overviews

The operations overviews provide an overview of the budget and realisation for each ledger account. These overviews provide a great deal of insight into the degree to which you have achieved or can expect to achieve your budgetary objectives.

For detailed information on each ledger account, you can view the properties of the budgets.



In the operations overviews, you can take into account the degree to which you are expected to meet the budget. This is only relevant for future periods. For periods in the past, you go ahead and record the realisation (costs and revenues) in Profit. For future periods, you use a closing estimate percentage to indicate the degree to which you expect to meet the budget:

  • Indicate a closing estimate percentage for each period in the properties of a budget.
  • When retrieving an operations overview, you determine the period starting from which the closing estimate applies. Up to and including this period, the overview contains the realisation, and from this period, the estimated amounts.


In this financial year, you have a turnover budget of € 1,200,000.00. This is divided up evenly into months, resulting in 100,000.00 budgeted per month. As of October, you are already certain of 80% of your budgeted turnover. Therefore, you can make closing estimates for the months of October to December for this percentage. In September you retrieve your operations overview for the entire year.

You use the following figures for this:

  • Up to and including September, you use the realised turnover. After all, you have already invoiced for it, so you have already recorded the realised amounts in Profit.
  • As of October, you have not entered any realised turnover in Profit. If you want to get a good picture of the operations overviews for these months, you must work with the estimated amounts. Thus, Profit shows (a projection of) 80,000.00 per month for the months of October, November and December.


  • Configure budgeting
  • Configure ledger accounts

    For each ledger account, you determine whether Profit should show budgeted amounts or realisations in the operations overviews. This depends on the Operations of entire time frame field on the Extra tab.



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