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Maintain the ICP register

You record deliveries and acquisitions within the EU automatically in Profit using the VAT codes for an invoice. For very special cases in which you make deliveries or acquisitions within the EU without an invoice, you use the ICP register.

Please refer to the website of the tax authority for information on specific situations that are subject to the ICP regulations and the exceptional situations that are not subject to the ICP regulations.

The ICP transaction is only included in the ICP declaration if ‘Paid work (indication)’ and ‘Indication outgoing’ have been selected and you have entered both the quantity and the value per unit. The amount in the ICP declaration therefore is 'Quantity x Value'.

Once you have added a transaction, you can no longer change it. You can, however, retrieve the properties for checking purposes. If the transaction is not correct, you must delete it and add a new one.

To add the ICP register:

  1. Go to:Financial / VAT/ICP / ICP register.
  2. Click on: New.
  3. In Account feature, specify if this refers to a debtor or a creditor.
  4. In Account number, select the foreign debtor or creditor.
  5. In Action date, select the date on which the action took place.
  6. Select the Paid work (indication) check box, if the transaction concerns paid work. Otherwise, it concerns goods.
  7. Select the Indication outgoing check box if the transaction concerns a delivery. If you do not select this check box, the transaction concerns an acquisition.
  8. Complete the rest of the wizard.
  9. Click on: Next.
  10. If necessary, you can add a note.
  11. Click on: Finish.

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