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Responsibilities in workflows

You can control the workflow based on the responsibilities of an employee. If certain tasks and responsibilities are the responsibility of the middle management of your organisation, then workflows relating to an employee must be sent to the employee's manager for review or completion. For these workflows, you use a responsibility as the destination. In Profit, you can add responsibilities yourself and link them to an organisational unit in the organisation chart.


In the case of an employee's work anniversary, the line manager of the employee is responsible for the activities related to the anniversary.

In that case, the workflow for the anniversary of employee A should go to manager X and that of employee B to manager Y. This cannot be resolved using authorisation groups. After all, if you put all managers in a user group, then the alert for all those celebrating anniversaries will always be received by all managers.

To resolve this correctly, link the workflow to a responsibility and not directly to a user group. In the organisation chart, link the responsibility to a specific organisational unit. The workflow is then directed to the person who has responsibility in the organisational unit.

When determining the responsibilities in a workflow, Profit will always base this on the main employment of employees. This means that Profit ignores the position allocation of an employee or any additional employments ( functionality).

If you are using Employee authorisation based on position allocation activation, Profit will always use the position allocation of the employee. If you are using the functionality, Profit will always start from the position allocations of all relevant employments.


For the determination of line managers, we advise you not to use responsibilities because they require a lot of maintenance. You can better select a (basis) role in the workflow task.

If you still want to organise the completion of the workflow using responsibilities then set up the director as the manager of the director. You record all board members in the same organisational unit at the highest level (OE 01). At this level, you link the person responsible and you reference the user group in which the director is a member.


You only have Responsibilities if you have purchased a licence for Profit HR. If you have Profit HR, then you have also configured the organisation chart.

To configure a workflow with responsibilities:

  1. Configure an organisation chart

    Configure the organisation chart, if you have not already done so.

  2. Expand the Responsibilities table with a new responsibility.
    1. Go to:General / Management / Authorisation settings / Responsibilities.
    2. Click on: New.
  3. In the organisation chart properties, link the responsibility to a group (from the authorisation).

    You can link a different responsibility for each employee. If you are using the functionality, you can only record a deviating responsibility for the main employment.

  4. Go to: the workflow task and in Responsibilities select the new person who is responsible for completing the task.

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