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Set up preferred sales and purchase units

If you have multiple units for an item, you can set the preferred unit for the purchase process and the sales process separately. Profit suggests the preferred unit in the entry layouts of the purchase process (purchase order, goods receipt) and the sales process (quotation, order, etc..). When entering, you can change the unit on the line.

Profit automatically converts the preference unit from the sales process in the order proposal during the purchasing process.

However, if a purchase contact has been set up in the article (with the purchase contact’s item code where applicable) with an order unit, then Profit uses that unit in the order proposal and not the preference unit as described below.

To set up sales unit and purchase unit preferences:

  1. Go to: Order Management / Item / Article.
  2. Go to the tab: Article type.
  3. In Preferred sales unit, select the unit that you want to use in the sales process.
  4. In Preferred purchasing unit, select the unit that you want to use in the purchasing process.
  5. Click on: OK.

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