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Configure Payroll payments via SEPA

You have to change the bank account numbers and the configuration of the employers or processing groups to facilitate the switch to SEPA for payments in Profit Payroll.



You can make payments to employees and/or Payroll agencies in the SEPA format. The process for their configuration is as follows:

In-service processing

If the AFAS Service agency handles salary payments for you, then you can use SEPA starting on 16 October. Starting from this date, Equens will accept delivery of SEPA files. For this, download the available patch from the Update Center. After installation of the patch, you select the Switch to SEPA file format for Payroll payments check box on the Service item selection tab in the employer properties.

Test payment via SEPA

If you want to test the payment via SEPA in Profit, then add a test environment for this by restoring a backup or copying an environment in AFAS Online. In the test environment, you configure SEPA and you can generate a payment file here. If applicable, you can submit the generated text file to the bank. We recommend that you discuss this with your bank. Your bank can indicate the requirements that the test file must meet.



Payment file