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View the status of TNT mail

You can view the status of the postal item on TNT Post’s website. This way you can verify whether the pay slips were delayed by TNT Post and are therefore still underway.

The AFAS Service agency sends out the postal items at the end of the day. You can only execute the steps below on the day after delivery because the postal item number otherwise is not yet contained in TNT Post’s system.

To view the status of a TNT postal item:

  1. Write down the postal item number.
  2. Go to:
  3. Enter the postal item number in Barcode.
  4. Enter the postal code of the delivery address in Postcode.
  5. Click on: Search.

    This opens a page that displays the progress of the postal item.

Directly to

  1. In Service
  2. Configure In Service processing
  3. Send a service order
  4. View the status of the In Service processing
  5. View the status of a TNT postal item


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