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Send an In Service processing order

You maintain control over the processing and approval of the salary periods. Only once you have processed, verified and approved a period do you send it to the AFAS Service agency. The AFAS Service agency then looks after those things that you have configured for the employer, such as sending out the pay slips.


Send an In Service processing order

Communication with the AFAS Service agency is channelled via the Salary processing cockpit. You send the approved lines directly from the Salary processing cockpit. Furthermore, you can also monitor the progress of the processing by the AFAS Service agency using the Salary processing cockpit.

The Prepare and Send and receive actions are available in the Salary processing cockpit for the AFAS Service agency. If you do not have access to these actions, you must first authorise them.

To send an In Service processing order:

  1. Go to: HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit.
  2. Select the approved line.
  3. Click on the action: Prepare salary processing.

    Prepare the selected line(s) for sending. Profit generates the files, but does not yet send them.

    Profit next carries out a number of checks since it is not possible to prepare lines that cannot be sent. Profit displays a message with the problem. Once you have resolved the problem you can still prepare the relevant lines for sending.

    Profit changes the Status sending to the Prepared for sending status for lines that are ready for sending.

  4. Click on the action: Send and receive.

    You send all files that are ready for sending.

  5. Confirm the sending of the order(s).
    • If you selected one line for sending, Profit displays an elaborate message listing all the actions to be carried out by the AFAS Service agency. Check the actions and confirm the send action.
    • If you selected multiple lines, Profit only displays a general message. This is because the actions to be carried out could differ by request.
  6. Profit updates the fields in the view.

    The Shipping date field displays the date and time at which you sent out the files; the Receipt date field displays the date and time at which the AFAS Service agency received the files.

The AFAS Service agency carries out your order as soon as possible, unless you specified a date in the Processing date SB field of the salary processing plan. The Postal parcel number is updated after your order has been completed.


If an error occurs during sending, you must first restore the message status of the line using the General / Communication service / Outbox, Repairing message status action.

Once the status has been restored, you once again send the message using Send and receive.

You can submit a line only once to the AFAS Service agency. If it is necessary to prepare a line once more, you should contact your consultant.

Cancel payments

If the period has been approved you can no longer make changes to the payment file. This also means that the AFAS Service agency can no longer make any changes to or cancel the payments. Contact your bank if at the last moment you still wish to make a change.

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