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Configure In Service processing

For communication between yourself and the AFAS Service agency you use the AFAS Communication Service.



You configure the communication service separately after installing Profit. The AFAS Communication Service enables two-way traffic between you, the In Service customer and the AFAS Service agency. This exchange is channelled entirely via the Salary processing cockpit. As a customer, this provides you with greater insight into the overall process because the AFAS Service agency provides information back to you about the processing status of the tasks.

If you are sending out pay slips by e-mail, you do not need to configure an e-mail server in Profit for this purpose. This is because the AFAS Service agency sends out the pay slips.


  • Set up the communication environment

    Communication via the communication service always takes place via one specific environment. You use this to send and receive messages.

  • Test the In Service connection

    If you have set up the communication profile, you can test the connection.

  • Set up a proxy server (if applicable)

    If you are using a proxy server for communicating via the internet, you can adjust the settings in Profit to identify how it should be addressed.

  • Import the Payroll In Service key

    You signed an agreement for In Service processing with the AFAS Service agency. As an In Service customer you download the Payroll In Service key via your Customer portal. Import the Payroll In Service key into the communication environment.

  • Import the Service Profit Licence

    You signed an agreement for In Service processing with the Service agency. The agreements related to the service provision are contained in the Service Profit Licence (SPL) file.

  • Configure an employer

    The SPL contains the arrangements you have made with the AFAS Service agency concerning the services that the AFAS Service agency can perform for you.

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