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Payment file (Payment cockpit)

In Profit Payroll, you can generate a payment file for an employer.


In Profit Payroll, you can generate the payment file in two ways:

  • Payment file per employer

    You create a payment file for each employer.

  • Collective payment file

    You create a collective payment file for all employers.

In Profit, you can generate a payment file that transfers the money from one account to both bank and giro. You also have the option of generating a payment file that transfers money from bank to bank and from giro to giro.

If you have calculated the salaries but have not approved them yet, you cannot create a payment file. You can, however, view the Payments overview (Profit) report as a provisional overview of the salary payments and the Overview of agency payments (Profit) report for the payments to agencies.



  • View payments

    You can view the payments of employers to employees using a report. The provisional payment statement shows the amounts you transfer from an employer to an employee. The payment statement (for an approved line) also shows the cash payments.

  • Maintain payments

    In some cases you want to block or delete a payment to an employee. You can maintain the payments of an approved period using the Payment cockpit.

  • Generate a payment file per employer

    Depending on the settings for the employer Profit can generate the payment file automatically following the approval of a salary processing plan line.

  • Generate a collective payment file

    A collective payment file contains payments for all employers from the processing group.

  • Payroll payment order letter

    After generating the payment files, you can generate an order letter.

  • Regenerate a payment file

    You can regenerate the payment file in the payment cockpit.

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