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Journal entry analysis

The Journal entry analysis provides insight into journal entries, allowing you to specify the level of detail. You see the journal entries for each ledger account for a selected period, as defined in the configuration of the journal structure.

By default you can select the following detail levels:

  • By employer
  • By employer - Org. unit
  • By employee
  • By employee - Org. unit
  • By org. unit

If you have configured replacement lines for ledger account numbers, Profit will apply those here as well.


If you use allocations (Cost centre and Cost unit), you have extra options. That is because you then can also use the above levels by cost centre and cost unit.

You can analyse the journal entries for any processed period, which can be an approved period or a provisionally processed period. The periods you can select are retrieved from the salary processing plan for the employer, so the periods can be different for each employer.

The level at which Profit carries forward the actual journal entry, depends on the value in the Journal structure field on the Journalising tab in the properties of the employer. For example, if you carry forward your journal entries per employer, you also select the Employer level in the journal entry analysis so that you can see what the actual journal entry for a provisionally processed period is going to look like.

To view a journal entry analysis:

  1. Go to:
    • HR / Payroll / Salary processing cockpit.
    • Start menu / HR / Payroll / Overview / Journal entry analysis.
  2. Select the period line.
  3. Click on the action: Output.
  4. Open the overview: Journal entry analysis.
  5. Select the axis on which you want to display the data.

    The order used for the options displayed depends on the Journal entries according to field on the Journalising tab in the properties of the employer.

    In the journal entry analysis, a 'drill down' function is available. That means that you can zoom in on the lines displayed, so the details of a line become visible. This will give you insight in the way the amounts have been calculated in accordance with the journal structure. You have insight down to the level of the wage component.


    If you double-click on a line with the ledger account , Profit displays a window that shows the breakdown of the gross wage amount. For each employee and wage component, you see the amounts that have contributed to the journal entry for the ledger account.

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