Activate Sales price based on hourly wage

You activate the Calculate sales price based on hourly wages functionality.


This activation is only available if Profit HR and Profit Projecten are part of your licence.

Ideally you should activate the new functionality at the end of the working day, or over the weekend. This is because during the activation process, a conversion will always occur, and during this conversion your employees cannot work in Profit. It is recommended that you first test a new activation in a test environment, before you implement it in the live environment.

To activate the functionality:

  1. Go to: General / Environment / Management / Properties.
  2. Go to the tab: Activation.
  3. Select the check box of the functionality that you want to activate.

    Profit warns you that after activating the functionality the environment needs to be converted.

  4. Click on: Yes to activate the function.
  5. Click on: OK.

    Profit warns you that no other users can be logged on.

  6. Click on Yes in the message.

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