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Configuration of the goods receipt reconciliation

In Profit, you can reconcile (compare) goods receipts with purchase invoices from Profit Financieel. You must configure this first.



You can compare the purchase invoices received in Profit Financieel with the goods receipts in Profit Order management. You do this after the entry of the goods receipt or invoice using a separate option in Profit Order management or immediately during the entry of the purchase invoice in Profit Financieel.


Reconciliation is only possible for articles for which you track the stock.

In the reconciliation, you can compare the quantities and prices specified in the purchase invoice with the quantities and prices in the goods receipt(s). Any differences are processed automatically in the financial administration on the Confrontatieverschillen ledger account. Set the maximum allowed percentage deviation for the reconciliation in the logistics settings.


  • Activate the functionality

    Before you can use reconciliation, you must first activate this functionality in the environment.

  • Configure an article group for reconciliation

    Before reconciling the goods receipt with the purchase invoice in Profit Financieel, you configure the article group.

  • Set the reconciliation difference

    You can set the maximum percentage by which the goods receipt may differ from the purchase invoice. The default allowed deviation is zero, which means that the purchase invoice and the goods receipt must match exactly.

  • Purchase journal entry layout for reconciliation

    In the entry layout, you specify if and how the reconciliation functionality starts from the purchase entry if you reconcile the goods receipt from the purchase journal in Profit Financial.

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