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Reconcile a goods receipt

In Profit, you can reconcile goods receipts with purchase invoices from Profit Financieel. You can do this in two ways within Profit:

  • While entering the purchase invoice in Profit Financieel or
  • After entering the goods receipt or purchase invoice using a separate option in Profit Order management.

If you reconcile while entering the purchase invoice in Profit Financieel, after the reconciliation Profit generates the other lines of the journal entry based on the lines selected in the reconciliation window. This has two advantages: Profit automatically generates the journal entry and you can perform the reconciliation without having to close the invoice.

You can set a maximum reconciliation difference percentage which is the maximum by which the goods receipt may deviate from the purchase invoice. Profit only processes the journal entry for reconciliation differences in the ledger when you journalise in Order management. This applies to both reconciliation methods.





  • Reconcile a goods receipt from Financial

    You reconcile the goods receipts immediately during the entry of a purchase invoice in the purchase journal in Profit Financial.

  • Reconcile a goods receipt from Logistics

    You reconcile (compare) the goods receipt with the invoice using a separate option in Profit Logistics.

  • Stop reconciling an invoice

    It is possible that you cannot reconcile a purchase invoice with a goods receipt any further, even though a difference is still present. In that case you can prevent any further reconciliation by assigning the Do not reconcile status to an invoice that has not been reconciled yet and the Completed status to a partially reconciled invoice.

  • Reverse a reconciliation in Logistics

    Sometimes you may have to reverse the reconciliation of the invoice with the goods receipt. For example, this might be the case if the wrong data has been used for the reconciliation or if a further inspection of the goods received shows that it is necessary to submit a complaint. If you reverse a reconciliation and the reconciliation has already been journalised, the journal entry is also reversed using a contra entry.

  • Goods receipt reconciliation example

    In Profit you can reconcile goods receipts with purchase invoices from Profit Financieel. A detailed example is presented below.

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