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Backorder configuration

You set the delivery of partial deliveries (backorders) per sales contact. You can specify whether partial deliveries are allowed, or that Profit must deliver the order lines in full or that Profit must deliver the entire order.


A backorder is an order line for which a stock shortage has been detected and for which only a part is delivered. The part that is not delivered, is transferred to a backorder. For the part that is not delivered, an order proposal is created and based on the order proposal a purchase order is created. The backorder quantity is now reserved in Purchase. As soon as the purchase order is received, the remaining part of the order line is delivered based on a packing slip that is generated automatically.

At the sales contact level you can specify how the delivery of orders should proceed. If you want to use backorders, then the Delivery condition must be set to Allow short-supply.

You also set a stringent stock check at the article level. We recommend that for each article you also set one of the ways to create an order proposal (from sales or from stock replenishment). In that case you can use the order proposal to automatically generate the purchase order that is needed to replenish the stock.


  • Allow partial deliveries per sales contact

    You set the delivery of partial deliveries (backorders) per sales contact.

  • Set up an article for backorders

    To ensure a correct delivery of the articles, you can specify how the stock check for each article should be performed.

  • Deviate from the delivery condition per entry layout

    By adding the Delivery conditions field to the sales order entry layout, you can deviate per sales order.

  • Set the prioritisation of a backorder delivery for a sales contact

    In the case of partial deliveries the order in which sales orders are delivered is important. This is determined by the delivery priority that is set at the sales contact level.

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