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Product range

A product range is a combination of articles or assembled items. You can maintain a product range per customer or per period. During the sales process, Profit checks whether the article in the order line occurs in the product range.


In Profit Order management, you can record a product range of specific products and assembled items and have Profit use this for checks in the sales process. You might want to do this, for example, because only specific sales contacts are allowed to order a specific range of articles or because a specific article can only be delivered for a part of the year.

Product range control is only applicable to the sales process in Profit Order management. For example, you can create prices for a sales contact for articles that do not appear in the sales contact's range.

For invoicing in Projects, Subscriptions and Course management, the product range is not checked.

As the sales orders are being entered, Profit checks if articles/assembled items appear in the product range that is linked to the sales contact. A check is also made that the order date falls between the start and end date for the product range.

If you enter an article or assembled item during order entry, you see only those items that are part of the product range; you can select an article or assembled item from this list. When you enter a code manually, Profit Order management immediately checks if it is part of the product range. If it is not, you are immediately notified of this. If, for the sales contact, you specify that you may deviate from the product range then you can add the line. Otherwise, you need to select another article or first add the article to the product range.


  • Activate the product range check

    Before you can use Product range, you have to first activate the Product range monitoring functionality.

  • Supplement (default) product range

    You complement an existing product range with articles and/or assembled items. You can add these one by one or as a whole range all at once.

  • Add a new product range

    You can add a new product range. Using multiselect, you can immediately link articles and assembled items to the product range in bulk.

  • Delete articles from a product range

    You can delete articles from the product range. You can also delete the lines selected in the view from the product range in bulk.

  • Set up a product range for a sales contact

    You configure the product range for the sales contact to which it applies. You can specify whether or not it is allowed to deviate from the linked product range when adding an order. If you have a bakery licence, then there is no default product range, because in that case the product ranges are linked to the price lists.

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