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Use function windows

You can start various functions one after the other, but you can use only one function at a time. Every function that has been started has its own window. If a particular function has been activated, other functions will automatically be moved to the background.

If a certain window no longer appears on your screen, then use the steps described here to display the window again. It may occur, for instance, that the window is not active and is behind another window.

If the entire Profit window no longer appears, there are several possible solutions:

  • Use the scroll bars at the side of the screen to show Profit again.
  • Press Alt+Space to show the 'Move’ menu in Profit. Use the options in this menu.
  • You are working on a PC with one monitor, but Profit was previously opened on a PC with two monitors. On the PC with two monitors, open Profit again, move the Profit screen to the other monitor and exit it again.
  • You opened Profit on a different PC with a different resolution or another size. Try to copy the settings from the other PC. The ‘Try and Apply’ principle applies here.


Change functions

Profit shows the functions that have been started in a toolbar:

Switch between functions:

  1. Open the following functions, but do not exit them:
    • CRM / Organisation/person / Organisation/person.
    • Financial / Enter / Bank statement.
    • Financial / Creditor / Creditor.
  2. Use one of the these methods to switch between functions without exiting them:
    1. Click on the desired function to show it on the screen.
    2. Press Ctrl+Tab to scroll through the functions.
    3. Use the Window menu to go to a specific window. You can also rearrange the windows using the Window menu.

Exit functions

Exit the functions that you do not need. If you have not yet saved your changes, Profit will give you a warning (e.g. after changing the data of a person, employee or debtor).

To exit a window:

Use the following methods:

  1. Close the current window by pressing Esc or Ctrl+F4.
  2. Close a particular window by clicking on the cross on the right-hand side of the button:

  3. Close all windows by using the button (top right).

Show a hidden window

It may happen that a window ends up ‘off screen’. This may occur, for instance, when starting an external program (such as an analysis) or in the Authorisation tool. In this case, you can move the hidden window to your screen.

To move the active window:

  1. Press: Alt+Space. Normally, a menu will appear in the top left-hand corner of the window. This also works for a hidden window, and makes it visible.

    Start_Functievensters gebruiken (30 verborgen venster)

  2. Press: Down arrow.

    Use this to select the ‘Move’ option ('Move').

  3. Press: Enter.
  4. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the active window to the left or right.
  5. Once the window is in the correct position, press Enter.

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