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Users (KnUser UpdateConnector)

UpdateConnector for adding and changing users.

UpdateConnector name: KnUser


You can retrieve a list of fields to be supplied for each UpdateConnector and generate an XML example. See the description for AFAS Online or for a local installation.



Actions with the connector:




Add a user based on an employee

Download an XML sample file


Change records

Download an XML sample file

Points of attention:

  • You create the user based on the employee code.
  • If you create a user and you want to give the user rights to OutSite, you must also specify the e-mail address.
  • If you are using Windows authentication, the maximum length of user names 20 is positions.

    In AFAS Online, the user name consists of a participant number and a user code, for example 12345.BKR. The participant number also counts toward the maximum length.

Entry code

Field: MtCd

This field is mandatory.

The value of the Transaction code field determines how Profit handles users to be imported.

0: The users are blocked and deleted from all groups, except the Everybody group.

1: Import users and link them to a group. The group must exist in Profit.

2: Import, block and leave the user in the groups in which he/she is already present.

3: Import users and link them to a group. If the group does not exist, it is added.

4: Change the user code.

For this purpose, you must specify the old code and the new one in the import file.

5: Change password

6: Unblock users

Mandatory fields for an INSERT action

  • UsId (User)
  • MtCd (Entry code that indicates the operation on the user)
  • Nm (Description)
  • Awin (Profit Windows)
  • Acon (Connector)
  • Abac (Backups from the command line)
  • Acom (Command line)
  • Site (OutSite)
  • InSi (InSite)

Convert a system user to a user

You can add a system user and convert this user to a user that is linked to a person. The person must exist in Profit.

  1. First, perform an INSERT action for the system user.

    You can give the system user the name of the user straight away. For example, if you want to create the user Robert Williams, you give the system user the name ROBERT.

    Download an XML example file

  2. Perform an UPDATE action on the system user.

    In the XML, indicate that you perform an UPDATE on the system user, for the purpose of this example on user ROBERT.

    You must select the InSite application. If you don't, an error message appears.

    Download an XML example file

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