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Add a user

You add all the users who should have access to Profit.

Each user - and therefore also a new user - automatically is a member of the Everybody group and has the associated rights. After adding the user, you can assign the other rights by including the user in the correct groups.

Your licence determines the maximum number of active users. You can add more users than the maximum number, but in that case you must block the surplus number of users present.


It is possible to use preferred values. In this case, these preferred values apply when creating both regular users and system users.


When hiring a new employee, you must first add him/her to Profit HR as an employee. This automatically creates a new person in Profit CRM.

You then add the user in the Authorisation tool. In doing so, you can automatically link the new user to the person (and as such to the employee).

To view the maximum number of users:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Authorisation tool.
  2. Click on: Quantities licence (at the top-right of the Authorisation window).

To add a user:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Authorisation tool.
  2. Go to the tab: User maintenance.
  3. Go to: User / New user (or click on ).
  4. Profit starts the wizard for adding a person. Enter the personal details. You do not need the Communication details for the authorisation, but it can be useful to have them available.
  5. Click on: Next.
  6. In User enter the user code/user name. The user must enter this code/name when logging on to Profit.


    If you use Windows authentication, the Profit user name must exactly match the user name of the user's Windows account.

    Avoid general user names such as Admin.

    User names for AFAS Online always consist of the participant number, a period and the user code, for example 12345.BKR. The user has to log on under the name AOL\12345.BKR.

  7. Enter a description if the field allows this (for a person, enter the name).
  8. Enter a password and confirm it. Do not enter a password for Windows authentication or AFAS Online.

    Profit will check if you use a strong password. A strong password is more secure. If your password is not strong then Profit will inform you about this. A strong password has a minimum length of eight characters, and does not contain any (part of) the user name or e-mail address of the user. For example: a user called Martin Sommer cannot use $omm1234Q as a password. A strong password contains at least one character from three of the four groups: Upper-case letters (A-Z), lower-case letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and special characters (such as ! @ # $ %).

    If Profit does not perform the check then the administrator has disabled it. This is not possible in AFAS Online, the check is mandatory.

    The user can change the password him/herself if you authorise the user for the General / User / Change password function.

    Block the user if he should not (yet) be able to log on. Blocked users are not counted for the licence. If you create more users than your licence allows, you cannot add the user. In this case, select this check box and then check if you can block another user. After blocking another user, you can remove the block from the new user.

  9. Click on: Next.
  10. Specify the access granted to the user.

    • Profit Windows: Access to the Windows part of Profit.
    • Connector: This user connects to Profit for using a connector, such as an UpdateConnector. This is only relevant if you have purchased the connector.
    • Backup copies from command line: This user may use the functions BACKUP and RESTORE in the command line (AFASCMD). This option can be used at the same time as the Command line option.
    • Command line: This user may use the Command line (AFASCMD) with all functions, with the exception of BACKUP and RESTORE. This option can be used at the same time as the Backup copies from command line option.
    • User has MS Office (only with ASP/AFAS Online): This user has full rights to Microsoft Word for documents and to Microsoft Excel for analysis. (Without these rights the user can only view and print documents and analyses).
    • Activate cooperation licence (only with AFAS Online): This user, usually at the accountant, can log on based on a cooperation licence.
    • BestelPlus (Bakeries licence). This user can be defined as a BestelPlus user for the sales contact.
    • InSite: An employee with access to Profit Windows, also has access to InSite. You cannot change this field if you have selected the Profit Windows check box. If the employee is only allowed access to InSite, deselect the Profit Windows check box. If necessary you can deselect the InSite check box too, for example if you want to add a command line user.
  11. Click on: Finish.

Adding a user that already exists in another environment:

If you want to add an existing user from another environment, add this user as a sytem user first. Then convert this user to a regular user.

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