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Add a system user

Apart from a regular user, Profit also has a system user, for example, to run the Command Line and the Connectors.

A system user is not linked to a person.

The first system user does not count towards the licence if you do not allow this user to access Profit Windows.

Add a system user:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Authorisation tool.
  2. Go to the tab: User maintenance.
  3. Go to: User / New system user.
  4. Enter the user code in User. Among other things, it is used in the Changed by logging fields.
  5. Enter the description.
  6. Enter a password and confirm it. The user can personally change the password. This password is irrelevant for Windows authentication.
  7. Block the user if he should not (yet) be able to log on.
  8. Click on: Next
  9. Specify the access granted to the user:

    • Deselect the Profit Windows check box.
    • Connector: This user connects to Profit for using a connector, such as an UpdateConnector. This is only relevant if you have purchased the connector.
    • Backup copies from command line: This user may use the functions BACKUP and RESTORE in the command line (AFASCMD). This option can be used at the same time as the Command line option.
    • Command line: This user may use the Command line (AFASCMD) with all functions, with the exception of BACKUP and RESTORE. This option can be used at the same time as the Backup copies from command line option.
    • User has MS Office (only with ASP/AFAS Online): This user has full rights to Microsoft Word for documents and to Microsoft Excel for analysis. (Without these rights the user can only view and print documents and analyses).
    • Activate cooperation licence (only with AFAS Online): This user, usually at the accountant, can log on based on a cooperation licence.
    • BestelPlus (Bakeries licence). This user can be defined as a BestelPlus user for the sales contact.
    • InSite: An employee with access to Profit Windows, also has access to InSite. You cannot change this field if you have selected the Profit Windows check box. If the employee is only allowed access to InSite, deselect the Profit Windows check box. If necessary you can deselect the InSite check box too, for example if you want to add a command line user.
  10. Click on: Finish

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