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Add a portal user

You must give all users and contacts who are allowed to log on to the portal access to the Portal. You can set this when adding a user or in the properties of the user.


Add a portal user

When adding a user, you can give the user access to the portal. You can also set this in the properties of an existing user.

To add a portal user:

  1. Go to: General / Management / Authorisation tool.
  2. Go to the tab:User maintenance.
  3. Go to: User / New user (or click on ).
  4. Profit launches the wizard for adding a person. Enter the data.

    Select the Provide values for additional person fields check box. After completing the steps for adding a person, you can continue with adding the user.

  5. Click on: Next
  6. In User enter the user code/user name. The user must enter this code/name when logging on to Profit.


    When using Windows authentication, the Profit user name must match the user name of the user's Windows account.

  7. Enter a description if the field allows this (for a person, enter the name).
  8. Enter an e-mail address to be used for logging on to sites accessible from Profit. Or select an e-mail address from the address registered for this person.


    Without this e-mail address, a user cannot log on and cannot request a new password if he has forgotten it. In the properties of the user, this e-mail address is on the General tab.

  9. Enter a password and confirm it. Do not enter any passwords for Windows authentication or when using AFAS Online.

    The user can change the password himself if you authorise the user for General / User / Change password.

  10. Block the user if he should not (yet) be able to log on. Blocked users are not included in the licence count. If you create more users than your licence allows, you cannot add the user. In this case, select this check box and then check if you can block another user. After blocking another user, you can remove the block from the new user.
  11. Click on: Next
  12. Specify the access granted to the user.

    For a default user, select the Profit Windows check box. For an OutSite user, also select the OutSite check box.

  13. Click on: Finish
Give contact person access to portal

You can also give the contact persons access to the portal.

Give contact person access to portal:

  1. Go to: CRM / Organisation/person / Contact.
  2. Open the properties of the contact person.
  3. Go to the tab: Portal access.
  4. Select the Allow this person access to shielded part of the portal(s) check box.
  5. Profit copies the e-mail address from Work e-mail.

    If you have configured it, the person receives an e-mail letting him know he has access to the portal.

    More information:Configure a default mail for portal access

  6. Click on: OK.
  7. Go to the tab: Authorisation roles.
  8. Select the authorisation role of the contact person.

    He receives rights for the portal based on the authorisation role.

  9. Click on: OK.
Portal users view

In the Authorisation tool you can retrieve an overview of all the portal users. These are Profit users with access to the portal and the contact persons for whom you have selected the Allow this person access to shielded part of the portal(s) check box.

  1. Go to: General / Management / Authorisation tool.
  2. Go to the tab: User maintenance.
  3. Click on: More....
  4. Open the view: All users (incl. portal users).

    You can now see an overview of all the users with the right to access the portal and the contact persons of organisations with access to the portal.

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