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PCC Upgrade to Update 8

In case of a new Profit Update, you must reinstall the PCC. It is not required to first uninstall the old PCC (corresponding to the previous Update). Environments that were already linked, do not have to be linked again, as the old links are copied.


The administrator does not have to adjust the Profit configuration.

If you are using AFAS Online, wait until your environments have been converted to Update 8. Once this has been done, all users install the PCC (see the method below).

If you are using a local installation, first install Update 8 and convert the environments. After the conversion, every user installs the PCC.

To upgrade the PCC on your workstation:

Always download an installation file in one of the ways mentioned below. That ensures you have a PCC version that corresponds with the Profit version.

Method 1: Installation via InSite

Method 2: Installation via Profit Windows

Directly to

  1. Installation procedure per Profit Communication Center user
  2. Switch to Profit Update 8
  3. Installation via InSite
  4. Installation via Profit Windows
  5. Installation for the use of the command line action PUBLISH (only local)
  6. PCC installation procedure for multiple environments
  7. Uninstall the Profit Communication Center
  8. Install Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime (Excel 2007/2010)


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