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Course invoicing

After configuring the course administration and registering participants, you can invoice the courses.


If you have to invoice a participant for a course then Profit automatically suggests this. You record the amounts to be invoiced per course. These prices are date dependent, so you can easily enter price changes and maintain a price history. You can also specify an alternative price and a discount for individual participants. You can generate and send the invoices in advance of the course or after the course.

You can then easily process the invoices in Profit Financieel after which they appear as outstanding debtor items.

If you have Profit Projecten, you can enter a project number and project phase for a course. In that case, the course invoice is included in the project revenue and in the work in progress of the project.

You can also create credit notes for participants for whom it is indicated that the course should be credited.

Schematic overview of course invoicing:


  • Configure the course invoicing

    Before you can invoice courses, you must first activate and authorise the functionality. In addition, you need to create locations for the Profit Calendar.

  • Configure printing or e-mailing of the invoices

    You specify whether the student should receive an e-mail or a quotation by post in the sales contact profile and for the sales contact itself. At the sales contact level, you specify if the customer wants to receive an e-invoice for each invoice type.