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Discount voucher

A discount voucher is a voucher with a unique code which gives entitlement to a discount percentage when it is cashed in. The contact cashes in the voucher when enrolling for a course and can see straight away what discount they are given.


Using discount vouchers, you can give your sales contacts discounts on courses in a structured way: you know which discount vouchers you have given to which sales contacts, and you know which contacts have used them.

You can use discount vouchers for courses in Profit and in OutSite. You add a discount voucher for an item, article group or price group. The voucher has a start and end date, and a discount percentage.

A discount voucher comprises several unique, automatically generated voucher codes.

You add a discount voucher that is valid for one or more course, or for all of them. For this, Profit generates unique voucher codes. You distribute these to potential participants. When a participant registers, he/she enters the code. Profit offsets the discount directly against the outstanding invoice amount. The invoice automatically takes into account the discount cashed in using the voucher code.

A voucher discount is a line discount at the highest level for a sales contact. That means that if the sales contact uses a discount via discount vouchers, other discounts, such as a price discount, promotional prices and price per debtor, no longer apply.

When distributing voucher codes, you can use the supplied Discount voucher (Profit) report.