Issue voucher codes

If a voucher code hasIssued as its status, it means that it has been distributed to a sales contact, for instance. You can register voucher codes as Issued as soon as you add them, but you also issue them manually.

There is no functionality linked to issuing voucher codes. You only record that you have distributed/are going to distribute the code. You can then not issue that voucher code again.

Codes that have been issued, can no longer be deleted.

Issue voucher codes manually

  1. Go to: CRM / Course management / Configuration / Discount voucher.
  2. Open the discount voucher properties.
  3. Go to the tab: Voucher codes.
  4. Select the voucher codes.
  5. Click on: Issue.
  6. Click on Yes in the message.

    Another message is displayed.

  7. Click on: OK.

You can now distribute the voucher codes, for instance as a report.

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