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Change/delete a participant’s voucher code

If necessary, view and change or delete the voucher code that a participant has cashed in. This is only possible if you have not yet invoiced.

You delete or change a voucher code, for example because you have moved the participant to this course and the voucher code does not apply.

To view, change or delete a voucher code that the participant has received:

  1. Go to: CRM / Course management / Participant per event.

    You see the participants that have registered for the different events.

  2. Open the participant’s properties.
  3. Go to the tab: Invoicing.

    You see the discount given by the voucher code in Discount percentage.

    Under the header Discount voucher, you see the voucher code that the participant has submitted and the price he pays/has paid.

    For internal participants from your own organisation, Profit does not display prices or discounts. That is because you do not invoice them.

  4. If you have not yet invoiced, you can delete or change the voucher code.
  5. Click on: OK.

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