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Distribute voucher codes

You have to personally distribute voucher codes with Issued as their status. There are several ways to do this. You should preferably do this using a dossier item because you can then find the distribution in the dossier.

You can:

  • generate a PDF report
  • export codes to an Excel file

To distribute voucher codes as a PDF report:

  1. Go to: CRM / Management / Report.
  2. Select the Discount voucher (Profit) report.
  3. Enter a code in Voucher code if you want to generate the report for one code only.
  4. Don’t enter a filter if you want to generate the report for all voucher codes with the status Issued.
  5. Click on: OK.

    You now see the discount voucher with a unique voucher code.

  6. Click on: Export to PDF if you don’t want the receiver to be able to change the file.
  7. Complete the fields. 
  8. Distribute this report, for instance, as an attachment to a dossier item of typeOutgoing mail.

To export several voucher codes in an Excel file:

  1. Go to: CRM / Course management / Configuration / Discount voucher.
  2. Open the discount voucher properties.
  3. Go to the tab: Voucher codes.
  4. Select the voucher codes that haveIssued as their status and that you want to export.
  5. Click on the action: Export.
  6. Select Export data to Excel...
  7. Save the file.
  8. Distribute this report, for instance, as an attachment to a dossier item of the Outgoing mail type.

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