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Configure the reconciliation of bank statements by BSN

You configure this component if you want to reconcile on the ‘BSN’ number of the debtor/person when processing bank statements.

This functionality, for example, is not relevant for the childcare sector. Profit can process an amount paid by the Tax Authority destined for a debtor/person using the person's social security number (BSN).


For the reconciliation on ‘BSN’, the tax authority should be present in Profit as a debtor with the bank account number that you enter in Tax authority bank number in the administration settings. Check if the tax authority is present in Profit as a debtor with the correct bank account number. If not then add this debtor.

To configure the reconciliation of bank statements on ‘BSN’ number:

  1. Go to: Financial / Management / Administration settings.
  2. Go to the tab: Read bank statements.

    Fin_Bankafschriften afletteren op BSN-nummer inrichten (10)

    Enter the data in the Match debtors by social security number (‘BSN’) box on this tab. For more information about the other fields, see the description in Configure bank statement settings.

  3. Enter the account number of the Tax authority in Tax authority bank number.
  4. Enter a value in Search value which should appear in the bank statement description.

    In this example, childcare.

  5. Select the Match outstanding invoice check box if the outstanding item needs to be found when Profit has found a sales contact/debtor for the ‘BSN’.

    For the processing of bank statements, the account number must be the same as the Tax authority bank number and Search value must appear in the description of the bank statement. In the description, the word ‘nr.’ and then the ‘BSN’ also appear. After the word ‘nr.’, Profit searches up to a maximum of 9 numbers until another symbol is found. This number is formatted and checked to see if it is a valid ‘BSN’ number. After this, Profit looks to see if there is exactly 1 unblocked debtor with this ‘BSN’. (You enter the ‘BSN’ number in for the persons on the Other tab in the Social security number ('BSN') field.) A ‘BSN’ must be unique to 1 person.

    If the Match outstanding invoice check box is selected then a search is made for the outstanding items of this debtor provided that:

    • there is only 1 outstanding invoice for the debtor
    • the amount of the entry is the same as the outstanding amount
    • the amount of the entry is smaller than the outstanding amount

    If no debtor is found using the above then the rest of the matching procedure is performed - search on payment reference, search on bank account number and search on invoice numbers in the description. Thus, searching on ‘BSN’ has the highest priority in this procedure.

Finally, the normal matching procedure is completed for any outstanding items found.

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